An Artist Inspired: “Save the Dead Sea”

Limited Edition (Ltd. Ed.) jewelry is a division of Carly N. Herman which is known for it’s sculptural and fabricated pieces with semi-precious and precious metals. These works are one of kind and or of a small series, they are rare, and inspired by my affinity for creativity and inovation. Adornment of the body has been an attraction of mine for about a decade now, and I am constantly striving to push myself conceptually and technically with experimentation and new resolutions.

Custom piece’s such as “Save the Dead Sea” are tailored forging, and soldering, high polishing and scribing techniques, where everyday objects and found materials are incorporated and brought to life. This unique work of art is embellished with colored pigments, resins, and citrine. “Save the Dead Sea”, in particular was inspired by the natural surroundings of my trip to Israel through Birthright. I came away with a better understanding and sense of urgency on why the Dead Sea needs to be recognized as a national treasure and one of the great wonders of the world. It is a natural resource that has been documented and praised through out history for its unique and magnificent healing properties, as well as its attributes for being the only body of water in the world located at 1,340 feet below sea level and therefore the lowest known point to man on earth! The piece I have created specifically for your auction is meant to spark conversation on the great necesity to raise awareness of the disapearance of this phenomal national treasure. Each year the dead sea decreases by a minimum of 4 feet, and every year we don’t do something to halt this rapid reduction, we are making it more difficult to reverse the effects. Initially the Dead Sea was actually a sea fed by two different bodies of water, the direct source being the Jordan River, and the indirect source being the Red sea. Now the Dead Sea actually consists of two lakes, as the Jordan River no longer cycles through this body of water, and detaches the Dead Sea from any further growth or sustainability. The necklace I’ve created cleary represents the affore mentioned facts, and in turn allows the wearer to honestly and emotionaly speak on behalf of this cause.


~ by Bombita Designs on November 2, 2012.

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