Limited Edition (Ltd. Ed.) is a division of Carly N. Herman Jewelry which is known for it’s sculptural and fabricated pieces using semi-precious and precious metals including silver, gold, brass, and bronze. With the encouragement of my grandmother and mother,( who were both artists and mentors in my life) and the skills I’ve received through my training at Tyler School of Art’s BFA Jewelry program I strive to produce handcrafted designs with strong attention to detail and imagination. These works are one of a kind and or of a small series, they are rare, and derived from my affinity for creativity and innovation. The pieces designed for this line are motivated by a concept or story that will be used for the basis of their development. From the concept, I begin to think about scale, materials, and the techniques necessary to execute the plan. I work from preliminary drawings, and often use paper or clay models to build upon ideas and suss out road blocks in their construction. With this collection, time is not generally a factor. Some of the pieces are complete within a week, and others may take months to finish. When all is said and done the resolution of the piece usually speaks for itself, and this is one of the main reasons why I separate this brand from that of Bombita Designs. Another factor of their differentiation is that Bombita Designs is more a production line, and those pieces have the capacity to be reproduced indefinitely, where as Ltd. Ed. does not due to its boundless constructs.


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